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hese are tips you here a lot when browsing forums like TMG or The Hub. But I feel it would be good to make a thread so new members can understand a bit of opsec and will not need to ask much questions.

1. Set security slide to safest. Disable javascript too at about:config, search javascript.enabled, it will say true so click it to say false. That will disable JS for you.

2. Don't use windows or mobile devices, because windows and mobile devices both track you and can be backdoored easily. Use a security-minded OS such as Tails or Qubes and Whonix.

3. When buying, use XMR and PGP. XMR is an anonymous cryptocurrency which is untraceable, unlike bitcoin. And PGP can encrypt communications so only you and the person your talking to see what your both saying. Other words, anonymous communications. Also, never use fake names or false addresses either, it will increase the risk of packages being caught.

4. Never give out any personal info. Any info you give of yourself can be used to create a profile of yourself for lea investigators. Be as anonymous as you can, make sure no one knows who you are in real life or what you do in real life.

5. PGP-verify urls. This is to avoid phishing, phishing is common, and PGP-verifying market or forum links can prevent that as well as using only and to get your links.

6. Never, EVER use clearnet emails or emails in pgp keys or forum accounts. Emails are not needed for market or forum usage, especially the likes of Gmail, YahooMail, or other clearnet emails. And yes that includes protonmail because they cooperate with LE.

If there are anything I missed, please list down below. I hope this helps newbie members get started.
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