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hashcat result matcher/parser FOSS posix tool
Hello breached forums,
Today I will be releasing my hashcat output parser POSIX tool.
Example of what this tool does.

Takes in hashcat output ( from a file after the -i flag ):

Then takes in a file that still has hashes ( from a file after the -b flag ):
and will replace the hash copy the line and append to a file ( -o is output name, none specified is a timestamp )

so why should you use this? its much more consistent than you using grep which would lead to you messing up either your hashcat output the input db or your matched list and it also has various features such as:
duplication prevention
runs on any linux system ( also uses grep which relies on read and write speed and not ram, this can match a new db on a pi in a few seconds assuming you have a fast connection to a fast storage device ( usb 3.0 or later will only be a few seconds )
ability to take in any db not just email:hash. Ex: ( someemail, somename, somehash ) it will still replace all hashes

PS: I am working on a program to parse any raw db not just email:hash. Ex: ( someemail, somename, somehash ) comma separated values (csv) tab separated values (tsv) JSON and more. Any donations will certainly keep this off the back burner for me

Repo here

if you would like to donate I accept XMR:42LAJKfzabr9s8UGx11qaj8bwR8wdeRGJAFzSYB5uDChTLo3nrv1K
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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