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In this day and age, videos are scrubbed from the net so fast that it's becoming increasingly necessary to download/save them.
Unfortunately with most large scale sites, it's not as simple as just finding an mp4 link and hitting CTRL+S to save it.

In this thread, I'll share a few personal tricks and tools I use to download videos and music from various sources around the internet.

The big sites
Ever use youtube-dl before?
Well these days, there's a more efficient and active fork called YT-DLP which you can grab here:
This will cover most mainstream social media sites including but not limited to, youtube, twitter, tiktok, bitchute, vimeo.

Firstly, I suggest reading through YT-DLP's documentation for options that suit your preferences.

Basic usage:
This will download a video in it's original format.
$ yt-dlp 'videourl'

My preferred usage:
This will attempt to download the video in the best quality offered if available, and merge the final output into an mp4 file.
(Demonstrating with a random tiktok link)
$ yt-dlp --format "bestvideo+bestaudio[ext=m4a]/bestvideo+bestaudio/best" --merge-output-format mp4 --output testvid.%(ext)s ''

.mp4 and m3u8/.ts
Moving on, what about sites that yt-dlp doesn't cover?

Most sites delivering content themselves today deliver them via raw mp4 or .m3u8/.ts stream.
All we need is browser devtools and ffmpeg which you can grab here:

In this example, I'll be using a random CNN video.
First step, find the m3u8 steam master url in devtools:
Once you have the url, just paste it into ffmpeg as shown below.

My preferred usage:
$ ffmpeg -i '' -codec copy desiredfilename.mp4


Wrapping up
I wrote a crappy lil wrapper that I personally use for mp3 and mp4 conversion with thumbnail embedding, so I'll leave it here if anyone finds use in it.
Pastebin link:

Hopefully this helps you in this digital age of information.
If you have anything to add to this post, feel free to leave a reply and I'll be sure to add edit it in, cheers!
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