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Working with Stealer Logs Basic Toolkit part 2
Working with Stealer Logs Toolkit and Resource to Sort your Log
Part Two of ClearLog Project
Update: Changelog: 15 October 2022
-- Change title Working with Stealer Logs Basic Toolkit to Sort your Log part 2 to Working with Stealer Logs Basic Toolkit part 2 because this thread not explain how to use sorter sofware

What this thread Purpose: In this part we will learn about toolkit that commonly use for managing log. we learn tool function and it origin. We also learn about variation of stealer that currently being use in market and review about it.

What intended goal : Individual Learn and can use basic toolkit to work with logs

Basic Toolkit
This Software / Tool intend to be small toolkit to help interact with Logs.
Do Simple basic simple view, sort, and check
Explore Log Contents

Notepad+++ are open source text editor with lot of powerful feature and plugin that can be customized make. We will use notepad+++ to store result of our sorter and check manually some of log.

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Use and Learn:
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Recommendation Plugin to install :

1.Windows Manager

2.Light Explore

3. Music Player (optional)


Sandboxie : For you that already learn about sandboxie you can skip this bellow explanation.

The purpose of sanboxie are to minimize chance of infected by checking whether log file are clean from virus or not before do Full works.


Short summary: Sandboxie are tool to create mini virtual box that isolate program or file in virtual environment, anything that happen will not affect Real Computer in some capacity*. When i say "some capacity" i mean anything that run can still interact with Host system but it not actually really happen like dream, you body area safe but mental can affected ( can still affect Host system). Example Stealer can stil steal web browser data and file and sent it to CC Server, but when proceed terminate it can't do anything and simply are you need to do are empty the sanboxie content. Thats way this are dangerous way to work with log. Thats why i strongly advocated for virtual machine or RDP.

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Learn :
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File Manager Omega Commander

Browsing gigantic and e Log folder can be tire and confusing, that why omega commander exist.

Quote from Omega

"Omega Commander is a modern Shareware file manager out for the new millennium. It looks and works the way a program from the 21st century should, your way. OMega supports all standard file and folder operations, you can expect from a file manager. Many features and key combinations are the same as in your previous file manager. It's up to you to customize the rest. But wait, you will discover more...

Numerous content manipulation functions are integrated, saving you trips to other programs, letting you spend more time creating instead of managing. Built-in security features will let you have a peace of mind. oMega’s ribbons connect you to the rest of the world or at least the rest of the system."

Download :
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7zip are alternative file compressor like WinRAR and winzip. The difference between this and WinRAR are; 7zip are open source and still have active development team and community base. while WinRAR have large user base, it close source/shareware and bug ridden. Bug exploit few years ago discover that WinRAR can download file remotely silently and run it, another case was file run when user unrar archive.

Download :
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Log Sorter

This tool are specialized software to analyze and export result base on intended log type you want, example i just want log contain then this log search all log file then create new folder for logs that contain data. some are advanced one that being sell, mostly around 50-150 $ Offline or cloud base.

Unfortunately i have bad news for this part, this people and tool are fucking hard to find, especially original posy/thread or official downloads/file Many Software that being distribute on "wild" are contaminate with virus or stealer. Most of this guys who make this tool resident at & Xss, there some resident of lolz but only few that kind enough to give "free", without minimum requirement to participate for lolz community. i also manage find some tool that being develop as open source so code can be check or event improve. for rest of it you need to run it in virtual machine or RDP only ! unless you masochist.

For now the current offer and information i have is about this python sorter, more info about Sorter and how to use it are will be present in future thread.

Python Maker Thread

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In future thread we will discuss every log sorter and checker both free and paid that currently accessible on public.
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