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Verified Carding Hotels and flights tickets for 30%
Hello travelers! Let me introduce you our service:
HOTELS AND FLIGHTS FOR 35% of the price

What do you need to send me for successful order:
  1.     Link to the hotel or flight.
  2.     Amount of people and rooms, preferences for the room (type, how many beds you need, dates of stay, breakfast), flight dates, time and name of the airline company.
  3.     Personal data on whom the hotel reservation and flight will be reserved
  4.     Additional services (deposit at the hotel, excursions, transfer)
  5.     Contact me ONLY through PM or email: [email protected]
Service conditions:
  1.     I accept orders no later than 3 days before departure, but in rare cases, exceptions are possible.
  2.     You need to deposit to ESCROW  first, only after that moment I’ll start my part of the work
  3.     Order processing takes 2-7 hours depending on workload.
  4.     New customers can contact me only through PM or email: [email protected]
  •     Are fails possible? -> No, fails are excluded, we have a great and very long experience in such operations. And also we have a private method
  •     What are the risks? Police won't arrest me? -> No. Hotel reservation, car and flight are safe for my clients. All work is done through third-party agents and companies.
  •     Can I pay upon arrival? -> I do not do work in advance. The first transaction through the ESCROW, later I could also accept btc, eth.
  •     What tours do you recommend? -> I have more advantageous tours in the complex to certain countries, but it is important that the choice is yours, my task is to make my clients have a great time!
  •     How to make an order? -> PM me the link, it is possible to make the whole tour through the agency and other tourist sites.
I will be glad to receive your feedback in my topic, write all your questions and orders immediately to private messages, I answer everyone as quickly as possible.
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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    Verified & Trusted REVOLUT carding, MONESE carding - Money loading [Safe + ESCROW Accepted]

are travel websites like travelocity or priceline acceptable and do you also do AirBnb'
is this monitored?

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