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VeraCrypt - Full Disk Encryption [ User Guide ]
Hello Breached,
I haven't seen any technical posts on the forum about setting up full disk encryption on Windows. So, decided I'll may as well create a simple user guide those who may not be experienced and/or may not understand the benefits of Full Disk Encryption (FDE). Let’s Proceed!

• What is Full Disk Encryption (FDE)?
Simply put, Full Disk encryption or whole disk encryption is a means of protecting information by employing secure encryption algorithms to encrypt your data on disk, it includes temporary files, programs, and system files; but excludes the master boot record (MBR), or similar area of a bootable disk, with code that starts the operating system loading sequence.

• What is VeraCrypt?
VeraCrypt is a fully audited and open-source fork of TrueCrypt that ‘solves many vulnerabilities and security issues found in TrueCrypt.’ It is also under active development, and is therefore likely to be improved upon and security’s up-to-date.

• What are the benefits of VeraCrypt?
- Encrypt an entire partition / storage device (HDD/SSD/USB). <-- (This’ll be our focus).
- Create a virtual encrypted disk (Volume) that is mountable and operates like a real disk.
- Create a partition or storage drive containing an entirely different/hidden operating system etc.
- All encryption is performed on-the-fly in real-time, making VeraCrypt transparent in operation.
- Provides plausible deniability, in case an adversary or LEA forces you to reveal the password.
*While this tutorial is focused on Microsoft Windows, VeraCrypt is also available for OSX and Linux and follow the same procedure.

Quick Guide
- Download VeraCrypt here: (Check the PGP signature!)
- Install and launch VeraCrypt:
[Image: sjtimXB.png]

- Select “System” and click “Encrypt System Partition / Drive” option:
[Image: iVIQZ7U.png]

- Select “Single Boot” option and press Next:

- You will be presented with “Encryption Options” UI:

- Next, you’ll be presented with the “Password” UI:

- Now, it’s the fun part. Wiggle your cursor around the program to randomly generate your keys:

- Next you’ll be presented with the “Rescue Disk” UI:

- Now you’re almost complete! You will be presented with the “Wipe Mode” UI:

- Lastly, you’ll be presented with the “System Encryption Pretest” UI:

Your system is now fully encrypted and near impossible to decrypt without the master password you’ve created. Any time you restart or power on your PC, you will be presented with VeraCypt’s bootloader and asked to input your password.
[Image: B1pb5GE.gif]
[Image: mu4V40R.png]
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