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Tutorial on Operational Safety
(repost as i posted in wrong area before <3)

For those wondering, my name is gclan and I am a 14-year veteran of this shitbox we call the WorldWideWeb. Anyway, I have recently seen a huge influx of attention to the site and thought it would be nice to educate a few of you on how to safely use the internet and sites like this. For those with experience, this should be a quick refresher, and for those who feel they have experience but are uncertain, this should help put you in the right direction.

`•.,¸¸,.•´OPERATING SYSTEM`•.,¸¸,.•´
Before downloading a VPN, browser, or setting anything further up, you should consider the integrity of your machine. The old pride and joy, LinuxOS, is an obvious minimum when it comes to online security, and tutorials on how to safely operate a Linux machine can be found on just about every major computer information tip website but the real meat and potatoes are your anonymized operating systems. These would be Whonix VMOS (Qudes-Whonix VM variation / and Tails VMOS (Documentation / FAQ A virtual machine such as VMware, Oracle (not 100% private), and other third-party VM providers is a must-have investment when starting a serious venture in the cyber-security landscape.

VirtualPrivateNetworks are just the tip of the iceberg but a shitty one can be the pitfall of your existence if you decide you are serious about what you do. Most Youtube videos will point you towards ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, TunnelBear VPN, or even PrivateInternetAccess. While yes, these are great for the average Joe just trying to watch his favorite adult films without his mommy, daddy, or step-grandma, they will not protect your data from a warrant from one of the very scary capital letter acronym divisions of your designated region of the world, or really any branch of law enforcement. No, those will only be resisted by the class favorites such as Mullvad VPN ( where you can safely purchase through means of fisical cash, Monero, or any other of their 14 means to send payment. Personally, I am a fan of Monero due to the lack of a public ledger. They offer a no-account-needed service, where you receive a randomly generated token on your account creation and proceed forward using that to activate the software. Other VPNs you could look at (I am personally still investigating these myself) are MysteriumVPN ( as it offers one of the only "Pay as you go" VPN services along with a (according to the website) "No Log" communication pipeline that they claim is securely encrypted. Personally, I am waiting to see this be tested in a court case, but it still seems very promising as it is open-sourced and very reliable, but you can decide for yourself. In conclusion of this point, Mullvad (heavily secured, court tested, non-residential to my knowledge, nearly entirely anonymous, pay up front + monthly) and Mysterium (claimed to be heavily secured, open-sourced, non-court tested, residential, pay as you go) should be your 2 major points of interest depending on what you plan on doing and end up needing.

Factors such as digital finger prints, cookie tracking, extensions, and numerous other incredibly small identifiers can help a bad actor (or opposing side) keep up with you. Now, whilst you are not to believe by any means that you can prohibit the tracking of your activity from site to site by using a VPN, an anonymized OS, or really anything you try to implement, you can make it quite an annoyance. Things such as Useragents, HeaderSpoofing tools, private browsing, and completely wiping cookies, cache, and any other data storage can be done to add on to the damage done by the previously listed (VPN, AOS, etc) This can all be stepped up quite a bit with a good browser. My personal favorite being Chromium ( / credit to them) but a close second would have to be Firefox ( and LibreWolf ( One of the best solutions that you can find on the internet is TOR ( with the bridge function being used as often as possible ( and using a viable proxy (find on your own)

For the most optimal pro-private communication platforms such as element/matrix (, Telegram (with a proxy being used /, PGP (, and Signal ( are solid forms of communication that have been proven to stand up against federal and local cyber court cases.

Anything being written to fisical storage (USB, Hard Drives, SSD, CD/DVD, Flash Drives, etc) can be encrypted for security purposes without raising any suspicion in any legal matters. Encryption methods include (but are definitely not limited to) BitLocker ( / personal favorite), VeraCrypt ( / personal favorite), DriveCrypt (, AxCrypt (

Further questions and comments can be left in the section below but you can also add me on here or submit your matrix @ and ill get back to you asap if you have a more private concern. I do not contact through online social media (ie twitter, fb, etc) or telegram so do not offer to reach out through those forms of communication. ✌.|•͡˘‿•͡˘|.✌

Best wishes,
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Thank you so much for this. This is very helpful in setting up my environment.

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