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Staying Safe - the physical opsec way
So we see a lot of talks on anonymity and security online, but we don't give much thought about our security and anonymity in the physical side. With some experience in that field I will try to explain the basic process. Before I start there are a few points need to be taken into consideration.
1. I will try to give a clear picture on how to act in special occasions, this is not a way to behave in the day to day.
2. There are a large numbers of guides and how to, the way I present is what I've learned and experienced with it is not the only way and maybe not the best way
3. Fuck the movies, forget all you saw in them... the only thing they can teach you is how to get caught.
4. Some may sound like movie spy bullshit, but hell if you are here you know that some of this stuff in necessary to survive in the world we live in

physical opsec

Lets start with 2 points -

In order to be secure in the physical world you have to know that everyone is out to get you! Be as paranoid is your mind lets you, always try to think on the worst case scenario.

In order to be anonymous you need to be as normal as you can, be the grayest man in the world. Or as a better man said before me: “You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”

Yes this two can contradict one another, paranoid men are not normal. So remember -


With this two in hand we can start working
this can be implemented for any op you need – from cheating on your wife to taking over the world.
It can also be used for your shity little l337 h4x0rs stuff, but as you will understand in a minute it's to much of a headache for that.

First thing first in your own country you will never be really secure, you can be the most anonymous man in the world, but as we said you need to be as paranoid as you can which mean you need to think that someone will notice you. That's way you will never be secure in you own land. So to start your op you need to travel abroad. Yes yes you read well, it's time to fly! Expansive? Freedom is never cheap... If the op is good, if the women is hot then it worth your while.
If you can make it a business travel that's the best you get, if not just buy a ticket. Remember we talked about been normal as hell and forgetting the movies? If your flying you don't buy airline tickets in Bitcoin and you don't buy multiply tickets to multiply destinations. Normal people fly for vacations. Your not going to meet the mistress? Take your girl with you and kill two birds in one hand.

First class? Five star hotel? Maybe, maybe not. As we said you need to be normal, and that means behaving as you usually behave, the way you can afford yourself. Vacation? Do vacation shit – go to the sea, to museums, have great sex. Business trip? Do business, spend company money at the bar, have great sex. Be like everyone else.

Now for the fun part in a free day get rid of your coworkers, tell the girl you need to go alone to make her a surprise (you will need to give her a surprise at the end). Some say that you need to leave your phone at the hotel, I'm against that, normal people don't leave there phones in the hotel. You may think that this way whoever wants can track you, you right but remember ordinary people are not a point of interest.

Now it's time to buy a laptop, in cash. You will use this laptop only once so it doesn't need to be a good one, but it's not necessarily means you can buy the lousiest cheapest system you can find. It is all depend on what you need the system for. When buying the system try to find a store without cameras around (don't forget as paranoid as possible). If you are from the USA, Canada and all that capitalists countries your probably thinking that there is no way to avoid cameras. Well your kind of right in most places today it's imposable to avoid cameras altogether, but when you avoid them in crucial points, in all other places you will look like just another man walking in the street. When leaving the store it is better that your put the laptop in a bag that fits your look.

With your new friend at hand it's time to find a nice Cafe place with a WiFi connection, without any cameras in it of course. Now some say that public WiFi are not secure, well they are absolutely right. But that is the best you can do, just let it stay in the back of your mind. If you will piss off someone with enough resources he will be able to trace back to the Cafe, so don't do anything online that can trace back to your identity. It's Ok that they know what happened as long as they don't know how made that thing happen. Most likely that your new system comes with a shity Windows OS so in order to work fast you need to know from advance what your going to do (how to format, which distro to use and etc.). And don't be a complete moron every laptop comes with builtin camera cover it before you load it up. Now the time comes to do your thing, take your time do what you have to do. Don't forget to order stuff, to be like all the other men/women that works in an Internet Cafe.

So you finished and now it's time to get rid off the system. Again you need to know from advance how to erase all trace from the computer itself, there is plenty of guides on how to do that just go and read! Find a quiet isolated place destroy the computer as much as you can. Don't throw it away to the river, don't bury it in the ground, just throw it to the garbage like a normal man throwing is lousy dying computer to trash.

If you need to keep something from your op on a USB that's OK, but make sure it's encrypted and hidden in a safe place. But remember when going through airport authority take out the USB from hiding, put it in a normal place, when you get scanned all should be look like your a regular man.

Before going back to your girl don't forget to buy her the surprise you promised. And that's about it there is always more to do more tactics to stay safe and secure but that is the basic. What ever you do always remember the two basic points to security and anonymity.

I know there are some here that knows more about the ways of the physical opsec so don't be afraid to contribute and add. I hope it helped some and gave others some thinking points.

And what ever you do just don't forget

Stay Frosty Gents!
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