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Learn Cracking in 2022 | Part: #1.5 ~ Making of Dorks
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Main thing about making a dork is how well we express our requirements to Search Engine.

So things necessary in a basic dork are:

Keyword: KW

Page Parameter: PP

Page Formats/Page Types: PF/PT

Back then in 2019 starting is was so easy to search a normal keyword with one word in it

and you could have gotten some HQ private database.

But now when things are in raped condition it’s so hard to get good databases with some

random keywords.

Lemme show you a example:


It could have been a good dork in 2017-18, but today if you going to parse these kind of

dorks you aren’t going to get anything out of it.

Now what we do is make good keywords at first.

How does it work.

So best way to get keywords is,

- Write some normal keywords, like if you want database for gaming……

Gaming keyboard

Gaming mouse

2 player game

Combat games……………………………

Write like 20 to 30 of these. Then go to a good parser.

At next step there are multiple engines you can choose, but I prefer google as it have all


After choosing Search Engine press enter.

After you have collected like 2k+ filtered Links you can close application and Go to Results ->

Google -> and copy all the links and Extract Keywords out of those.

Now lemme show you some examples of keywords extracted from urls….





So these highlighted words are our keywords in general.

You have to remove rest part from urls and get keywords out of it.

After cleaning they will Look something like this:

You have to extract 80 to 100 keywords for making 10k Dorks of good quality.

Now these keywords are just normal keywords, we will do some manipulation to make it

good, we will use quotation so that google target urls with proper target to our


Now you may think which word you want to quote?

So answer is quote more valuable word, see below screenshot.

Our target is gave so if we quote 2 in first it will not target gaming related things, same

maybe done in quoting board in 2nd one and further. So as said we will target more valuable

keywords and then quote that.

Now our keywords are ready.

For making a normal dork what are other two things we need is, Page Types/Formats and

Page Parameters.

Now there are only three page types we use now:


asp & aspx

Now coming to parameters, for getting parameters we do same process as for keywords just

one change, we will choose filter parametersless links instead of not filtering as last time.

In here we will choose option 1 and press enter, rest process are same.

Now see what is our parameters in links:







All of the highlighted things are our parameters, but extracting these can take ages if we do

with hand, so we use a toold called TSP Dork Generator V11. Remember to use that in VM

or RDP, File is almost cleaned but still it may have some trojen agents of with I take no


Follow me:

Open tsp and Go to Module named Extractor, then paste your urls in box named with “URLs

to extract from”. Then click on Pagetypes and then on Extract. Shown in below SS:

After this copy all those parameters from box in right side and paste them on notepad and

replace = with nothing as sown in below ss:

Now we have all 3 basic required things we need for making a basic dork.

Now let’s come to formatting.

The most basic format out there is:

(KW) extSadPF) ?(PP)=

For example:

board "games" ext:php ?game_id=

now you may think why I used board "games" ext:php ?game_id= instead of board "games"

.php?game_id= which is used by mostly people who tells himself a dorker/base hunter.

Let’s go through explanation of this:

So ext is a search function used for targeting urls with some file extension.

Now Google is a BOT which works on advanced artificial intelligence, but thing is it’s still a

bot. It doesn’t know what is difference between pdf and php. We are using this for our

favour, this way google will give urls 95%+ with parameters only, which is most specific to

our target.

About the part where I put space between php and ?, so basically a file extension can’t have

? in it but ? is available in urls just before parameter so it suits using ?(PP)=.

There are multiple formatting which can be obtained from this normal dork format and we

will learn how to modify things and get new patterns for our use.

Below are some formats you can use for now.

?(PP)= (KW) extSadPF)

extSadPF) ?(PP)= (KW)

(KW)* extSadPF) ?(PP)=

(KW) ?(PP)= + ext(PF)

[Image: standard.gif]
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