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I added my own websites to monaliza's post for everyone
|| Data Breaches ||

URL Domain:

|| Pastebin-Type Websites || (Used for searching through many different pastebin-type websites)

|| Whitepages-Type Websites || (You only get 10 searches for free, but if you use a VPN and change your I.P. once you reach the 10 search limit, you can get 10 more) (Good for finding VINs)

|| Guessing SSNs ||

|| Email OSINT || (Amazing) (An easy way to find if emails you guess are valid)

|| Phone Numbers || - great for finding a phone numbers rate center

|| Website OSINT || (Find website I.P.)

|| Security Cameras ||

|| Social Media || (Browse Twitter without login restrictions (could be useful)) (Finds Twitter server I.P. of any user (General Location))

|| General Info || [hard to sign up but worth it]

|| Recovery Info || (Twitter) (Apple) (Instagram) (Facebook) (outlook) (paypal) (ebay)

|| Tools || (my favorite on this list) (mainly for data breach info) (Credential Stuffer) (Credential Stuffer)

|| Forums That Have Been Helpful To Me (Thort) ||

|| Other || (this site is godly) (the books this guy makes are amazing) (the contact exploitation part is great) (Used for looking up campaign donations)

google and social medias are your friend put all the information in all the boxes in front of you and keep repeating the process until you get something useful eg: you have a username, try going on gmail and try the username on there and bam you got yourself a email which can lead to a ton more information.

if someone is selling is something see if they accept paypal and get their email, if they give you a link send them one cent and get their email that way.

its all about knowing how to use google in the end. lol
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