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How to post on BreachedForums w/ Images
This is a tutorial for anyone that has never used a Forum before, or is just too stupid (sorry to be blunt) to figure it out.

forewarning, the images are kinda large

1. Locate the forum you want to post in, for me it'll be The Lounge.

2. Locate the button that says "Post Thread" although if you translate text it may say something else depending on what language is spoken, but it's the only button in this area.

If this button is missing it is because you don't have permission to post in this section, usually because it's restricted to a certain group of people like Administrators.

3. Fill out the text boxes with content:

Title - what people see before clicking, like a headline
Body - Where all of your stuff like cat pictures will go

Optionally you can use hide tags to hide content like download links, the image showcases this.

4. That's it! Now you just scroll down and press the "Post Thread" button, and assuming there are no issues with the server or your browser it shall be posted to the public.

If this was hard for you in any way, I suggest that you reconsider using this forum, and immediately check with your Doctor about possible brain damage.
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