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How to get premium proxies from FineProxy
Go there :
Click get free proxy test
Wait a little and have patience , this is a little slower
For mail you can use basic temp mail providers , I would recommend
Don't even stress to make a password , copy the whole email up to @ and copy paste it as your password. Even copy paste it as your username, maybe without @
Confirm your email , click on the link you got and close other tabs
Now scroll down and set your ip address. If you are using a vpn you need to use that ip address ( if you have a virtualbox and vpn same thing ). Just google what is my ip address if you are using a retarded vpn provider which doesn't let you copy paste your own current ip.
Scroll down again until you see some create button. Make sure you have selected HTTP , doesn't matter if you create a list with ip:pass or ip binded, result is the same since those are binded to your ip anyway.
You will get a small proxy list with unlimited bandwidth for 30m. Those are rotating so you have unlimited power for 30m.
If you want to repeat just change the ip to something that is not banned on their site ( if you use nordvpn please don't... )
Paid adv. expire in 47 days
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