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How to die ( Gets rid of pesky pigs and debt )
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This is for US citizens but can probably be modified and should work since foreigners die there also.

This is how you legally kill yourself and register it with vital records and get your death certificate.

1. Your SSN will become nulled within a few months and show as deceased after it is flagged and then registered in the death index

2. You cannot use your SSN again and even if you goto court and prove you're not dead you still will likely end up with a different SSN being issued

3. If you're a fugitive your warrants will die

4. If you owe child support, you won't anymore

5. Plus some other goofs and memes and stuff

Every state has their own online death registration system with slightly different requirements but they all follow the approved standard set forth by the National Vital Statistics System. Each state handles their births, deaths etc. on a jurisdiction level but cooperate with the Vital Records satellite office available in every state. Each state provides them with these records and they are responsible for registering your death on the national level and getting your ssn listed in the ssn death index.

Some states allow a doctor to completely certify a death on their own through that states portal. Some require a 2 party system that involves a doctor starting the paperwork and a funeral director finishing the remaining part. There are also a couple of cool dad states with even less restrictions =D

Pick a state to die and find their death registration portal. ( I'll use Arizona )
This doctor works at many hospitals as we can see and we can choose which hospital I died at. I chose #1

[Image: oVs9B4w.png]


[Image: F66zMaA.png]



[Image: zdMmWs6.png]

Fill out stuff until you get to last page and see CERTIFY in red at bottom

[Image: ztkCdhb.png]

STEP 5 - You Dead

[Image: V6NhyVi.png]

[Image: 6cwfPlS.png]
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