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How to crack Night Eye extension
Night Eye is an extension that enables dark mode for every website. And it is the best dark mode extension by a far margin compared to any other extension.

I have been using this extension for many years, it is always the first thing I install whenever I'm on a new browser.

I'm so addicted to dark mode I couldn't even go on for a day without it.

[Image: 8NdLpR.png]

The only problem is that it isn't free :pomsad:, it has a free trial for 3 months or something but you'll have to buy it eventually.

So here it is, the how to meth, ah umm, HOW TO CRACK tutorial.

1. Just download and use it
If you don't care about the technical details, here is the download link:

- For Firefox-based browsers:
Download this file
.zip (Size: 420.92 KB / Downloads: 23)
The extract it, then you can either drag it to the browser or go to about:addons and click on the gear icon, select Install Add-on From File.
It will ask you for permission to install like any other extensions

- For Chromium-based browsers:
Download this file
.zip (Size: 409.85 KB / Downloads: 57)
Extract it to a folder, then go to chrome://extensions/ and look at the top right of the page, you should see "Developer mode", enable it.
On the top left, click on "Load unpacked" and select the folder you have extracted, make sure it is the folder that contains the "manifest.json" file.

2. Crack it yourself
First just install the extension as usual.
Then we need to make a copy of the extension source:
For Firefox
Go to "aboutConfusedupport", on the "Profile Folder" row click on "Open Folder". It should be something like "../Firefox/Profiles/default-release"
Open the "extensions" folder in there, you should see a bunch of .xpi files, find the most recent modified file and it's the Night Eye addon.
Now make a copy of this file, change the extension from .xpi to .zip and extract it as a normal zip archive, this is its source.

For Chromium:
Go to "chrome://version/" you should see the Profile Path, something like "../Chrome/User Data/Default".
Go there and open the "Extensions" folder, you'll see a bunch of folder, now go to "chrome://extensions/".
Under the extension name you should see its ID, that id is the name of the folder in "Extensions" folder,
Head to "../Chrome/User Data/Default/{ID}" and you should see the source.

Now that we had its source, open the background.js file. Beautify the js code, either by using your IDE or an online tool.
CTRL+F and search for this: "static async checkUsingLicense", this is the check license function we need to bypass.
Now let's replace these lines of code:
[Image: 8NT8qG.png]
var cracked = {
"id": "cracked",
"accountEmail": "[email protected]",
"isActive": true,
"expiredDate": "31 Dec 2077",
"paymentType": 1,
"isProVersion": "t"
await B.checkLicenseInternal(cracked);
Note that in the function "B.checkLicenseInternal", the letter "B" should match with your original source code, it might be "W.checkLicenseInternal", remember to change that.
Then load your customized extension, for chrome just use the method in 1. Just download and use it, for firefox, it's a bit complicated, please google how to.

3. Does this have malware?
I've only modified two files, the background.js and the manifest.json file, you can compare it to the original 4.7.10 source.
I've explained how to get the original source in the steps above so you can check for yourself.
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