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Hash Cleaner and Iterator
# Hash Cleaner and Iterator
This Python Script has three modes... rmau2016/Hash-Cleaner-Iterator: This Python Script will extract all Md5 hashes in a file of choice, just modify the script. (

## Cleaner Mode:
For r_file put in the database file location, for w_file put the directory and file you want to write, this will extract the hash byitself, or also with email with corresponding hash in database file.[SUPPORTS MD5 AND SHA1 FOR NOW]
(Will update for other hashes choices and salts.)
## Iterator mode:
will cross reference two files... one with [HASH: EMAIL] and the other would be [HASH: PASSWORD] to result [EMAIL: PASSWORD]
## Wordlist mode:
the final mode will take the [Email: Pass] file and separate it into two files of your choice.

## TIPS:
FIRST: Use "paste" command to combine files Horizontally if you have to, use "Emeditor" too to clean the files, for instance the [HASH:EMAIL] option in the cleaner will output HASH['EMAIL'], just replace [' with : and '] with nothing in an text editor.

SECOND: Delete all remaining spaces... using cat file.txt | tr -d "[:blank:]"

THIRD: Now you will have two files, one is the hashcat potfile [HASH: PASS], the other is [HASH: EMAIL]

FOURTH: Use an iteration python script to check the hashes against both files to combine email with password.


First File: [HASH: EMAIL]
Second File: [HASH: PASS]
We want [EMAIL: PASS]! So we write to a third file...
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