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Phone Tutorial :

1. Download DUCKDUCKGO Browser.

2. Disable Wifi, Use LTE/4g.

3. Go to (Check your IP Score) - Check your IP for its fraud score - If your fraud score is above 20, Turn on airplane mode for 5 seconds then turn it off

4. Go to

5. press any random item on the store - This is apart of the method, you wont be purchasing anything from this store

6. Scroll down to Buy Now.

7. Select Checkout with paypal. - Some items on the site dont allow paypal - If this is the case for you, find another item that does accept paypal then continue with the steps

8. Type the email MANUALLY - Copy and pasting will raise some flags and lock your log

9. Type the password MANUALLY but add an extra "!" at the end of it, It will say its invalid

10. Retype the correct password after it says invalid

11. It should put you on the checkout screen asking what payment you want to use - Disregard That screen

12. Go to a new tab and go to and boom you are on user acc dashboard. you can also go checkout on any site or send money

13. Enjoy Profit!

PC Tutorial : Note: {using Residential Proxies are the best way to hit on PC, They allow you to connect to the paypal owners location which increases chances of the log to hit}

1. If you are using proxies to hit, Connect to the paypal owners location or nearby it - If you are not using proxies disregard step 1

2. Download the Brave browser

3. Continue with steps 3 and so on from the Mobile tutorial FULL ACCESS PAYPAL YAHOO LOGS TUTORIAL : Note: For this method, we will be using PC because it is more effecient and more likely to go through {Regardless if you are using proxies or not}

1. Go to the site you would like to hit.

2. get the item and checkout with paypal. - Like you would normally do with an NFA log.

3. Type the email in correctly, proceed to the password.

4. Once you reach the password section, Type any random password combination (i.e P455WORD123!!!)

5. Once it says its invalid, Go to reset the password. - Make sure it says it sends an email to the email and not a text message to the phone number. - If it doesnt allow you to send a email, only a text message then the log is dead and not hittable.

6. Once you receive the email to reset the password continue with doing that. - Reset the password to the same password you entered earlier.

7. Close out of the tab with the reset password screen.

8. go through the checkout process again but this time type the password correctly. - If it gives you any sort of 2fa, then its user error. your IP has too much fraud score or something similar.

9. Once you are on checkout and he has a payment method, Continue with your hit.

10. After you hit, move onto the "What to do if I successfully hit" section of the bible to ensure your order doesnt get cancelled.

MOBILE : NOTE: {After you type your information at checkout and it asks for a code sent to the persons phone, that log is done}

1. Press the fire button at the bottom of the screen, it will clear all the data, Just to be safe close the DuckDuckGO app too.

2. Turn on airplane mode for 5 seconds or more to change your IP.

3. Repeat steps 1-13

PC :

1. Press CTRL+H To open your history

2. Press the "Clear Browsing Data" button on the left side of the browser

3. Click the Advanced tab, Make sure the following are checked off. - Browsing History - Download History - Cookies and other site data - Cached images and files Also make sure the Time Range is set to "ALL TIME"

4. press clear data, close the browser

5. reopen the browser and repeat steps 1-13

EXTRA: If you are using Residential IP's connect to a new IP before logging into the next account
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