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Guide to having fun online (anti dox)
This is not a guide on OPSec or anything related and is more guided towards avoiding attribution by a doxing; if the FBI is after you please seek a ticket to any country that dislikes the U.S openly.

To have fun online, you need to mask your IP address so that you are not monitored or your online identity is connected to your real identity as a normal person.


Since the websites you use are likely to be poorly secured due to a lack of government regulations, it is important not to use the same password for multiple websites. For many, it can be difficult to create a secure password for multiple websites without repeating yourself, so using a password manager is recommended.

Email, the forgotten protocol, is necessary for most websites to verify that you are a real person and that they can use this identifier to contact you. Therefore, it is best to choose a provider that can be trusted not to share your emails, because frankly, no government agency should be allowed to see what you email other people, and most of you are not terrorists. you can use different e-mails for different sites, and it is better not to overload one e-mail with too many services.



Disclaim - multiple of these providers have had issues in recent times mainly due to government incredible government overreach.

General Rules

not optional: Don't link your real identity to your online identity, no one will ever know who I am behind my way2high alias and that's how it should stay, even if you think you can trust them or they are a nice woman/man. The same goes for VPN usage. People can associate VPN use, or lack thereof, with your accounts, so for your own sake, don't use (or use a different) VPN when accessing personal stuff, as it could link you to yourself and give adversaries a good idea of who you might be, especially if you're accessing personal accounts and online identity accounts at the same time.

somewhat optional: Post at a time that doesn't directly coincide with your schedule, as it's easy for others to recognize your time zone when you log in and out. Avoid phrases like "good morning" and "good night" or use them randomly if you'll be gone for several hours. Many of my posts on this forum are random throughout the day, so they can't really be associated with a specific time zone, but it's not perfect.

[Image: HqYuR.png]

somewhat optional: It's important to hide your language and its idiosyncrasies, because we all speak in very different ways, even if we're not aware of it. It's important to recognize this because the messages you send outside of your online identity could be associated with you. For example: the founder of Silk Road was found because he constantly used "yea" instead of "yeah" "yes" etc. If you want, you can try to pretend that you are from another country, but don't strain yourself with something so unnecessary.

to reiterate this is less like an opsec guide and more like a guide to prevent doxing because after all you're just trying to have fun on the internet which is why this doesnt go over cryptocurrency, encryption, messenger platforms, etc as in my opinion they fall in different scope )

if you have anything to share please comment it and if i said anything wrong please correct me!
[Image: LBKub.jpeg]
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