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Freebie E-Book Ratings! (LINKS + RATINGS INCLUDED)
I have decided to download and rate some very useful content from the Freebies section so you don't have to! Here's what I have found and what you should check out.
(If you are interested in getting your content added to this thread, PM me on Keybase. All adds are free, I just need to approve of the content. I check my PMs every day.)

"[FREEBIES] E-Book Collection - Cybersecurity, Data Science, Ethical Hacking by @issacpochin"
|RATING 4/5, Massive collection and very useful. Personally I suggest reading the "Cisco Networking All-in-one For Dummies."|

Content URL-
Hidden Content

Original Link (.onion)-

"[FREE] Collection of books for hacking by @HughBackPack"
|RATING 3/5, Overall a very good collection.|

Content URL-
Hidden Content

Original Link (.onion)- https://breached65xqh64s7xbkvqgg7bmj4nj76...or-hacking

"FREE 6 guides every hacker and fraudster needs by @n0ntang1ble"
|RATING 4/5, Overall decent. Personally found "How to make Mozilla Firefox 30 times faster" pretty interesting. Works pretty well in tangent with a prior piece of content I posted "An in depth guide to Firefox hardening by just_no"|

Content URL-
Hidden Content

Original Link (.onion)- https://breached65xqh64s7xbkvqgg7bmj4nj76...ster-needs

Make sure to check out some of the other content I have posted, it is directly related to the content found on this page. You can find it on the "threads" section when you visit my account.
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