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[FREEE] Shop script for SMTP,CC (cards), accounts, files | Bitcoin Payments Inside
1. replace database information inside file application/config/database.php
2. replace bitcoin destination address, variable $my_address inside file application/controllers/user.php
3. replace secret key for api to a RANDOM string, variable $config['blockchain_secret'] inside file application/config/config.php - A-Z, a-z and 0-9 characters
4. replace url to your shop, variable $config['base_url'] inside file application/config/config.php
5. upload contents of /shop to server root dir, NOT the whole /shop directory
6. import shop.sql to your database

Shop has three ranks, Admin, Seller and Buyer.  Sellers have their own control panel for selling.

Default username; admin
Default password; admin

/seller or /sellercp

Note: Admin/Sellers/Users can't see products they're selling in shop, login with different account to test.


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Paid adv. expire in 47 days
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Hey thanks for sharing.
I tried the shop and it is nice.
But there are missing some files and the funding is not working 100% because the Top Up after BTC Deposit is not added to the account who has paid.
Also in Admin you can't use Payouts for Customers and so on.

Is there a new release available ?
all the links are broken can you reupload them

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