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(FREE) [Blackhat] - Javascript Injection Tutorial
Hey breached.. Got a little treat for ya. I just sent a $31,000 to my BTC wallet. only took like 3 and a half days to make this.


Pretty simple to do, but its very effective.

I would like all you guys to milk this method before it gets saturated and patched. (which eventually it will)

The Method:

**back up if the link above is down**

Best way to make money from this:

What i have been doing is selling these gift [email protected] on Paxful for %75 cheaper than the competition. Since we are getting these digital products for
Free everything we sell them for is %100 profit. So i like to undercut everybody and just sell them as quick as i get them.

You could also buy CryptoVouchers and redeem them immediately for Bitcoin.

Guys im not able to answer all your questions simply because i am not the maker of this exploit/tutorial. I found it on a private darkweb forum that cost me $150 to join and theres tons of good fucking methods you can get, This just so happens to be the trending method and people are hitting this shit hard.

I really do not know how much longer people will be able to make money from this but lets hit this shit while the gettings good right?

Good luck guys.
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