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carding forums carding forums
revolut carding carding forums
carding forums carding forums
carding forums

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Dump date December 2021, 206k lines Username Email Hash Salt. Sample:

[email protected] CardingMafia Admin 59abf6405906a1960ddc75f8fd5b0611 9S04^|!yeo-qZ~{MF}E%/=[r0weT||
[email protected] mattunulley 4f8b06ffa60c8c2ef1c203c806a2d89c }z;@^gemL;XK^t!.N!/(8NfT*+=D"g
[email protected] esodginee 756c32684ca516d1989915e289478b47 ]Xo%vrw2kW`92Ch3*X5odk30Z/B2]E
[email protected] fuilema 58487e00c7a76a70def8a200fbd2c254 #Zf(Rb/Lt"Qjch41M[Hn?,/"#5^%"]
[email protected] ninnamonoCash b887d11a12c490d301cce773c3a5a93c 9l9-P6Ut%~w,!Dyxci\)$-E~:]lQT9
[email protected] tockdrywottK eedf0f37b2d888c4c751a59bf921af98 +-7,Y>h)^{b%w|_2wp=;OVA1a~%ST"
[email protected] Brieftsteed 4a137ae91a0920899f2f79063459aa92 Zx_d3,4*%o?.d,3:r9#}dMdy)s0Un<

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