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Bozok RAT 1.3.1
Download Link

This RAT Was Coded By Slayer616 (Umbra Loader v1.1)

Quote:Next bugfixed version of bozok is released. I fixed many small and 2 serious bugs, also added a payment plan for the PE-Version.

You can support my work by advertising/creating Tutorials & more.
For contact, you can use jabber: [email protected]
Thank you.

(Above link updated with new version(Tue June 11 2013) )

Greetz Slayer616

This version includes fixes on Webcam and Keylogger, Webcam works on DirectX now.
Also a few fixes were applied, GUI on Webcam and Screencapture changed.
Save Frame added!

You can go to the official blog here :
Paid adv. expire in 47 days
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    Verified & Trusted HACKED Payza, PayPal, Ukash, Ucard, EgoPay, Skrill - TRANSFER [Escrow accepted]

Thanks for the share, another useful code to my folder.
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