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Apply For Super Moderator - Read Before You Apply
Hello Guys Here are few Rules For those Who wants to Apply For Super Moderator

You Must Have 500+ Posts and 50+ High Quality Threads.
You Must Have 100 Rep Points.
You Must Have Received 50+ Thanks.
Active every Day for minimum 2 Hours a day.
- Important - You Must know to get Rid OF spammers , Scammers , Leechers and Rippers
[COLOR="Yellow"]You Have Contributed 3-6 Month To this Community.

You must Be Good In English -
You should Respect Staff And All members And Mostly - ADMIN

YOU will Not ban Any member for personal Reasons
You won't Delete Thread or post to keep stuff privates.
NO Begging for Vouches .
You Should Be Friendly With Every one.
No Leaking Vip Content Out of the Forum -

You must always Keep Your Eye on news And Happenings . Specially On Announcements

If You can Fit iN all the Tasks Above You can Apply For super Moderator .....

And If You don't Than Don't waste Your time In Applying WE WON'T accept You.

We Already Have Active Staff - and working Team !!

Cheers :puchar:

Let me know if something is Missing And Please Post a Review About THE RULES !!
For any deals, we suggest you to use escrow. The fee is 5$ only indifferent of amount transacted. If any problems with our sellers, I will give you the money back and the seller will be banned!
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Dear Admin
I have Chatted With You just Now Few Minutes Ago Can you make me super moderator
I have experience Also
Dear Tornado please chat with me ICQ 719146501
And jabber [email protected]

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