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Method #1 - "I didn't receive the package." This is probably the most commonly used method. Go to the phone or chat (phone is recommended) and literally tell them something along these lines "I have a problem with this order. I didn't receive it." The rep will issue you a refund or replacement right away if it isn't a large order, he/she may also ask you if you checked with your family and neighbours, which in this case you just say you already did.

Method #2 - "The package is empty." Pretty simple. "I opened the package, but there is nothing inside." You also have to mention that you already called the carrier, and they told you they didn't do anything and it was already like that when they delivered it, otherwise the rep may ask the carrier for an investigation. If the rep asks you if the package was tempered or not, say it was perfectly sealed and has no tempering. Method #3

-Improved method of method

#2 You basically say the same thing, except mention that you received the package, with your name and labels on it, your address, the item name, etc. But when you opened it you only got the packaging paper and the invoice. Method

#4 - "I received my order, but there is a different item in the package." Only use this method, if you know what you're doing. If you tell them you received a wrong item, they will most likely ask you to return that item. You don't want that, do you? So, how does this method work? Tell them you received an item that is not allowed or prohibited to be shipped by a carrier and accepted by Amazon. What are those? Dangerous, but realistic things. Below is a list of items prohibited by Amazon. These are the basics. Most of these are also prohibited by the carrier. Broken glasses - You got a perfume bottle, but its broken and shattered. Also, you could say you got wine bottles or anything. Liquid fuel - You got a small canister of butane, or lighter fluid. You asked the carrier for it to be sent back, but they refuse. Flares/explosives - You got these and the carrier refused to ship them back. A bunch of batteries - Same thing. Sulphur - Same. You get my point. Sharp, poisonous, explosive, flammable things. These are classified as hazardous materials. Now you just need to put on the act. For example, your son/daughter opened the package, and you are extremely worried and pissed off. Bottomline, convince them that the item cannot be returned, and you disposed them immediately. Tell them that you have already reported this to Amazon that they endangered your family, too. You can also say you received a few bricks

(proceed to method #5). Method #5 - "Return method/Box method" You get the label for returns, ship them an empty box, or a few bricks. This will work most likely, but the process is somewhat of a hassle.

Method #6 - "Trade-in method" I haven't tried this one yet, but it sounds promising. Trade-in an item for money, when you get the shipping address, buy something off of Ebay. Send it to Amazon's address.

Method #7 - "Liquid leak method" Personally, I think this method is horrible. Say you ordered 2 items, a nail polish, or alcohol, etc. And the other one, an electronic. Then say the liquid leaked and broke the electronic. Method #8 - "Acid leak method" This has been patched already and the rep will ask you to return the electronic or anything that has battery. Once you say you threw it out, they will refuse to refund you unless you talk to a supervisor and ask for an exception. The only way this will work is if you say your kid opened the package and tasted the battery acid. Tell them he is in the hospital now and you are really pissed off. Tell them you already threw the item away and you demand to be refunded. Insights Most orders on Amazon that are older than three months have their tracking removed. That's right. You usually see a "Track Package" in an orange button beside the order in the orders page. But that is removed if the order was placed three or sometimes six months ago. Use this to your advantage.
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