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20 Way to use some of leaked data from No 2 is wow for indonesian
That outrageous click-bait title brought you by for inventing worse clickbait news Module ever.

This are every possibility that i explore on monetizing and using stolen,leak cookie and cake at this forum, include also some of that already being use + news article related to it.

Green Indicated : there already widespread use and many real life case and practice
Yellow Indicated : there use but not public widespread and limited to some circle.
Red Mean there are case but rare but give big impact in real life.

Hidden Content
1.OLSINT (open Leak Source Investigation Toolkit) : use leak data for investigation and journalist


2.“Soul Takeover” : Steal or impersonate someone online identity using stolen detail to create fake account

3.DeepHum: Humilated, Stole and impersonate body using Deepfake technique ( facelab or DeepDream (also get profit)

4.Ransomixing : Ransoming victim over release of personal information

5.Robstagram: Robbing Influence or Rich boy using Social Media

6. Devide a conquer: Ignite Ethnic Religious conflict using leak data

7. WarFact: Start war or annexation of your neighborhood by using leak data and intel to find "weakness" of enemy defense or as justification of your annexations

8. Rapehunt: Hunting Children or innocent girl to be rape using leak data

9.HuntPred: Hunting Child, Bully or sexual predator and make them commit suicide or be your personal slave

10.HuntSlave: Blackmail someone using leak data (eg. Your friend girlfriend) and make them become your personal "servant" or Slave.

11.MobPow: Harassing/Exiling/killing or make them became your minion the Minority Group using leak information

12. SpamSMS: Spam SMS

13. Nonews Today : Silencing News agency by threatening News tv Director producer dirty secret or find journalist weakness and source

14. NapTime: Locate and silence dissident, activist or potential enemy, Domestic and abroad.

15. Tourispy: Infiltrated nation using fake id as disguise of tourist, professor or, Businessman or regular immigrant worker

16. TerrorL: using leak data to commit terrorist act.

17.LTODON (Leak To Obama Drone) : Find terrorist,dissident or potential enemy that can threatening national security and sending them

18. Genjer Genjer Time : Infiltrated Government facility in vulnerable Rural Area to spread your political view

19. Coupel : coup d'état you opponent and use leak information as justification of your coup

20. Wonderer Donator: use leak information to gain access to Institution, Book,Publishing Service to get access to book,article,research paper and share it for world. Because knowledge is right.


1. Brian Krebs, Vinny Troia and many other journalist using leaked database on internet or Open source data to conduct investigation and find answer on "X" msytery of whoever that being hunt by them.

Example Victim : vip72,911,Mirai author,many member from carder community, Russian officer soldier that conduct war crime etc.

2. Impersonation is not new thing but with widespread data leak and how current generation use technology and utilize it (thoose gen z and ticktocker) impersonation become big business and many potential money can make from it.

example victim : Vinny toria fake twitter account

massive twitter hack targeting high profile famous people and ceo, asking people for donation or giving giveaway etc.

News :

3. Citited wikipedia : "Deepfake pornography, or simply fake pornography, is a type of porn that is generated using deepfake technology. Many deepfakes on the internet feature pornography of people, often female celebrities whose likeness is typically used without their consent."

Osint osint or private image that being scraped or leak through 3rdparty deepfaker manager create various hq Deepfake porn for their own profit and humiliated the real person who face being use.

Many victim suffer great trauma and some event commit suicide.

For now this trend no go wildly on public but there fear that in future this trend escalate event further and not just simply for fake porn or revenge porn.

5. Documentary by vice news show story behind Kim Kardashian robbery that take in paris, the robbery happen because robber use instagram to monitor and track Kim m. For more you should watch Vice news documentary about this, this are great documentary:

9. Hunting Online Predator this day are not that so hard, thanks to OSINT and wonderful community across world working tirelessly to ensure safe internet.

10. Revenge porn, Blackmail stuff, if you read doujinsi with tag NTR you will understand what i mean.

12 : Preety clear what this.

14. China doing it lot to Uighur aboard to stop speaking about genocide, Arabian, American to to it own citizen.

16. Isis takeover of Mosul follow by the mass execution and genocide against minority or anyone they hate, all thanks to ISIS agent infiltrated government or through hack by it cyber unit and collecting information of every minority group or someone they hate.

17. Did you think those glorious Predator video are easy to make ? Sure ! just tape some random taliban PC/Phone or from your personal bank data that collecting everything without telling anyone, then find whoever person being mention- send drone -- profit and world peace.

20.While site Schi-hub, Manga Raws, Z-libray, are depend on their donator or community to get acces to ebook or paper sometime they follow like what Russian,China and many other country do when wallet run out dry. Hack Them ! Using leaked credential to get access to institution or eBook publisher to get their item for whatever their interest. While there many positive stuff from doing this the cons one are this are not easy task and dangerous one.

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