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11 OpSec Tips
1. Do not talk about Darkweb with anyone IRL

- This should be common sense, yet a lot of people break this "rule".

Loose lips, sink ships.

2. Not using 2FA or encryption

- ALWAYS use 2FA whenever available for any login. Whenever making orders, please encrypt your address using local software and not via website.

3. Using outdated PGP Key strength.

- Use RSA4096 with a password that cannot be brute forced.

4. Saving packages of your orders as some type of trophy.

- We highly advise that once you receive a package, dispose or burn the package after emptying it.

5. Not cleaning your house/computer/phone

- Common sense. Clean your house/devices at least 2 times per week.

6. Using Windows or mobile phone for browsing and logging into markets

- We recommend always using either Whonix or TAILS to access anything darkweb related.

7. Not encrypting sensitive text/files

- A lot of people do not know that they can also encrypt entire files, not just text.

8. Not encrypting hard-drive

- Using programs like VeraCrypt with good encryption algo and password should keep LE outside of your system.

9. Weak password

- Do not use 123456 as your password. Include combination of high, low caps, numbers and symbols. Strong password should be 16-32 characters.

10. Contaminated packaging gear

- For vendors. Always use gloves and whenever you touch something iffy with them, make sure to remove them before touching anything.

11. Snitching on yourself

- If you are doing anything illegal, do not post it on social media or take pictures of it.

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